Gun Control

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What’s wrong with gun control?

Gun control was designed to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, a noble enough cause… if it worked. Violent criminals always manage to get possession of guns regardless of the kinds of measures in place to prevent it from happening

Cops will protect us from those criminals, why do we need guns?

There is a fatal flaw with cops, they are only human; they are unable to be everywhere at once and cannot prevent a random crime such as a mugging or robbery. Looser gun control is a better preventative measure. This can seem really stupid at first but you must consider the ideas:

  1. Criminals will ALWAYS be able to get guns: Need proof? Look up the UK and the Hungerford and Dunblane massacres.
  2. Criminals want EASY MONEY, not to end up in a body bag.
  3. If EVERYONE has a gun a criminal with a gun has no advantage.

Criminals fear getting shot just as much as anyone else, so naturally, if people have guns it lessens the chances of a person commiting a violent crime.


Michael Jackson’s Dead, Oh No!

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Michael Jackson died of an overdose on Tuesday, since then many heartrending eulegies have been spoken for him across the world. Now personally, I disliked Michael Jackson’s music, what he looked like and the “disease” that turned him white. However, the most aggravating of all of this is that no one seems to remember that he has been accused of molesting children on more than one occasion. Amidst the stories saying it’s the “Where were you…” moment of our time (ignoring completely when the twin towers fell) I am left dumbfounded. Have you all forgotten what happened? What about those out of court settlements? What about when you were sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting a verdict?

Enjoy your bittersweet remembrance of Michael Jackson. Please, just remember that you’re greiving over the same people you bitch at the government to protect your children from.

A beginning

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Should people be screwing with North Korea?

The official stance of the UN is yes, search their shit and infringe on their sovereignty. They have decided that North Korea is dangerous because they are acquiring Nuclear Missiles and are doing tests in order to figure out their capabilities (and more than likely display the fact that they too can build nukes).

Don’t a couple UN countries have Nukes?

The United States has over 2500 active Nuclear Warheads; not including the over 6000 inactive ones. Russia has over 13000. The way everyone is reacting to North Korea’s decision to arm themselves with some nukes of their own, North Korea must have some major nuke building potential or an abnormally large stockpile already built up. However, it is speculated they have around 10.

So what’s the big deal?

The United Nations believes that North Korea wants nukes to be able to… well… nuke their enemies. However, it could be for the same reason any other country has them for at this point, a deterrent for wars. Nukes do wonders to keep unwanted invaders out.

So what will happen?

If pressure on North Korea is continued, I believe it will create the nuclear war that the United Nations is trying to prevent through their actions against them. To see the evidence of this you need to look no further than Korea’s reactions to being threatened; they threaten back

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